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Hungary, 1905

Ella’s parents had groomed her to be the perfect Hungarian wife, planning to marry her to a wealthy man a decade or more her senior. She would be expected to bear her husband’s children and obey his demands.

She had different plans: to use her mind, to have a career, to be her own person, and, most of all, never to marry.

But Ella’s independence had inspired her childhood friend Ede, who stood poised to change the world – and marriage – forever.


Part of the story takes place in Bidapest. You can see some of the sites the characters visited here.


The main characters were born in Nagykanizsa. The picture of Main Street in Nagykanizsa above shows the heroine’s childhood home, the three story building on the right. More pictures of Nagykanizsa can be found here.

hungary in 20th century

Writing a story about a historical period in a country I have only visited briefly and whose language I can barely read was a challenge! I read lots of books and articles. Here are a few of them.





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