Winter House Arrest

cropped-imag0129.jpgThere’s ice on our drive, so it’s a Winter House Arrest day.

Winter House Arrest isn’t bad. I get  things done which seem less important when the seductions of out and about call. Seductions like the grocery store.

What will I do today because I can’t go to the grocery store?

Top of the list is my very first blog entry, this entry.

If there is any time left after that, I’ll practice the piano, finish my novel, submit my flash fiction piece, and sew down the binding on the baby quilt for the tike born yesterday. Somewhere along the way I might also do the laundry and brush my teeth.

Maybe tomorrow will need to be another Winter House Arrest day.


3 thoughts on “Winter House Arrest”

    1. Thanks! That pic was taken on Boxing Day 2012. We got infinite snow that day. But it was pretty. Today we had a thin sheet of ice that was almost invisible, so it didn’t make such an impressive picture.


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